Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Horoscope for Cancer..

Things are not looking good for Cancer this week, dark clouds are looming on the horizon. What would have been a long 2 week wait for you may now stretch into maybe months. The tall men in grey suits are all around and will be knocking on your door. I wish there were something positive to say other than, roll on 2015 when the UK will return Labour to power and try to restore our public services and the sun will shine on Cancer again.

Lest we forget.. Labour broadcast this election message on the 27th April, sadly its dire warnings were ignored and the Coalition did exactly what it said on the tin in regard to Child Trust funds and Tax Credits for middle earners....

Today in PMQs David Cameron repeatedly refused to deny or confirm the scrapping of the two week waiting list for suspected Cancer patients to see a specialist.

Huge outrage particularly from Tory bloggers such as Iain Dale ensued following the broadcast with accusations of Labour scaremongering etc..

This post is dedicated to my dear old Dad, much loved and missed, lost to cancer 12 years ago today. Always were, always will be, the wind beneath my wings xx

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  1. This is only the first round if alls to be believed, I think its going to get worse..Dental, Opticians you name it.. Even Employers are taking advantage mine wants to cut a weeks holiday and up weekly hours, and they'll have support of Govt.