Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My Top Tips for a Beautiful Summer Lawn.. by B.Johnson

Come into my garden, gaze upon my lawn, isnt it a beaut? Want to know my secrets?

First off, I dont believe in grubs and bugs living in my garden so I evict them all. Nasty little creatures, yes I know they are good for the grass roots, they aereate boggy ground and raise the goodness levels but still, I dont like looking at them ok?


You need to be tough to have a great looking lawn like mine, make sure your blade is sharp and your aim is true. No room for sentimentality here, you must ignore all protests and be ruthless.

For a really lush finish, remember higher class grass is always the best, trim all the rough bits off and water regularly, use a high powered jet if absolutely necessary.  Finally, secure the lawn with a high fence to prevent futher damage and the return of undesirables.

There.. beautiful isnt it?

Democracy Village and it's protesters who had been camping and demonstrating in Parliament Square since the 1st of May were removed in the early hours of this morning, 20th July 2010. Presumably to avoid publicity, the baliffs and police arrived at 1am. 

Boris Johnson, upon hearing the news of the failure of the protestors appeal, uttered the immortal words: "I think it's wonderful that as a city we can protest. "But it is nauseating what they are doing to the lawn."

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